Welcome to our retreat for the body and the soul. Our mission is to pamper you, care for you and educate you on the benefits of holistic, therapeutic spa treatments all designed to promote wellness and well being..

Relax and enjoy the experience of Katanchel unique face and body spa treatments. Designed for men and women of all ages who need a break from the stress or who desire the radiance, health, beauty and vitality of clean, nourished skin.

Katanchel Spa Treatments combine the proven effectiveness of potent herbs and flowers grown organically and the best of ancient and modern science. We offer a wide range of aromatherapy and personal care for all ages and skin types.


Great skin basic

A regular treatment essential for radiant & healthy skin. This cleansing and relaxing facial is performed with our aromatic formulas and is personalized for your particular skin's type and needs. Includes deep cleansing and exfoliation, revitalizing mask and skin reconditioning.

Revitalizing treatment

An intensive therapeutic treatment rich in natural anti-oxidants to nourish nutrition-deprived skin due to sun damage, pollutants, and aggressive products and time. Excellent for sensitive and allergic skin types.

Skin blemish treatment  

This treatment with soothing mask helps to eliminate toxins and deep cleanses the pores gently yet thoroughly.


Massage Therapy

This therapeutic treatment is enhanced with the use of 100% natural active ingredients, essential oils and massage oils specially blended by our certified therapists to best meet your individual needs.

Practiced for centuries, massage is a vital part of holistic health care and is considered by countless numbers of physicians and fitness experts to benefit our general state of health in many ways. Massage releases muscle tension and discomfort, reduces mental fatigue, increases blood and lymph circulation, facilitates the elimination of toxins and increases the functions of the body’s sensory receptors.


Essential oils are combined with specific active ingredients to encourage the elimination of toxins and promote circulation. This treatment is designed to cater to problem areas and is combined with massage to aid in the elimination of cellulite deposits.

Relaxation Massage

A soothing massage indulging your face, body and mind with aromatic creams and nourishing oils.


Reflexology is the ancient Oriental art of accupressure foot massage and health therapy. Various "meridians", or areas of the feet, correspond to specific areas and functions of the body. These areas of the feet are stimulated and gently massaged to ease tension, reduce stress, improve circulation and promote well being.

Clay anti-oxidant and exfoliating body mask

Light, yet effective exfoliation treatments rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to encourage cell regeneration and promote circulation. Our clay gently rolls away dry skin and provides nutrients to tired skin.

Honey Body Mask with Flower Petals  

A luxurious nourishing and relaxing treatment for your body with organic honey and petals of flowers, followed by a rich massage with nutritive cream.


Oriental massage technique consisting in applying pressure to the body meridians in order to release tensions and stimulate healing processes.

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